South Tongu MP, Hon. Kwabla Woyome donates 2200 mathematical sets to BECE candidates


The member of parliament for South Tongu constituency, Hon. Kwabla Mensah Woyome has donated 2200 mathematical sets to all the JHS final year students who are writing this year’s BECE in the South Tongu District. This year’s BECE will start on Monday 14th September, 2020, amidst the coronavirus disease. It has become very necessary for the MP to give these mathematical sets to the students to reduce the burden on parents.

According to the MP, the donation was done to honour his pledge of supporting the students who are partaking in this year’s BECE. The mathematics sets according to the MP are for both Private and Public-school BECE students who will start their exams on Monday 14th September, 2020.

The MP stated that, he should have done the donation earlier but there was a pledge from the government to give each candidate one mathematical set for the exam, unfortunately, the government was not able to do that, so he has to quickly take the mantle to support the candidates with the mathematical sets.

Hon. Woyome went further to wish all the candidates a successful exam and encouraged them to try their possible best to give back what has been invested in them.

The Director of Education at the district, Madam Evelyn Araba Zentey received the items on behalf Conference of Heads of Basic Schools (COHBS). Madam Evelyn stated, they are happy with the kind gesture of the MP to support the students with the mathematical sets, and they thank him for his continues support given to the education directorate.

 She added that, their needs are unlimited, so the MP should continue with the support he has been given them, she went ahead to say that, they are also appealing to the MP to revive the excellence awards system because when it was started by the MP sometime ago made an impact, so the MP should try and bring back the award system to deserving teachers and students to boost educational activities in the district.

About preparation towards the exams, the director stated that, they are very much set for the exams to start on Monday 14th, to her, the donation is a good start. She encourages the candidates to do their best, though they are not in normal times as covid-19 has caused havoc in all over the world.

The director after receiving the mathematical sets handed it to the chairman of the heads of the Conference of Basic Schools in the district, Rev. Nicholas Nuworkpor. The Chairman was so excited after receiving the mathematical sets, he thanked the MP for his continues support to the schools in the district and asked for God’s blessings for him.

The MP during the registration of the final year students paid for all their passport pictures taken.

He has accepted the appeal to bring back the excellence awards system and also, always ready to support the district directorate.