NDC South Tongu Constituency shakes Sogakope with Health Walk


As December, 2020 general elections are just around the corner, political parties are lacing their boots very tight to come out as victorious in the elections. Many Constituencies have held health walk with mammoth party supporters and sympathisers. The latest constituency to join this exercise, is the NDC South Tongu Constituency.

On today, 17th October 2020, The NDC South Tongu Constituency was cladded in party shirts to hit the constituency with its anticipated health walk.

It was all joy, with cheerful party supporters and sympathisers, singing and dancing in all styles, with the favourite hit song MAHAMA AFA.

The MP for the constituency, Hon. Kobby Mensah Woyome was present, the constituency chairman, the constituency organizer, a number of constituency and polling station executives were also present.

The walk which started from Vume at 7:30am ended at the Sogakope lorry park. The health walk was organized by the constituency executives, the crowd was massive, though, the people were not informed about the health walk, this was done to test the love of the people for the party in the constituency.

Addressing the people of the constituency after the walk, the constituency chairman, Henry Ampah Johson, told the party supporters they have sold their colour TV for Black and White TV, later realising the black and white was full of deceptions.

According to the chairman, when the NDC came up with the people’s manifesto, the NPP said, the manifesto is empty but the unfortunate thing is that, it was not up to 6 months before the NPP starts to implement the policies in the people’s manifesto, a manifesto which the NPP has criticized as empty, being implemented by the same NPP.

He also added that, if the NDC wins the 2020 general elections, with or without NHIS when you go to the hospital you will not pay any money but you will be attended to free.

party sympathisers

The chairman went further to add that, the Sogakope and the Dabala market will be reconstructed if the NDC win the elections.

He promised Okada riders that, the NDC will legalize their Oakda business for them to avoid how the police always chase them.

The Constituency chairman edged the good people of the constituency to vote for John Mahama and Hon. Kobby Woyome in the upcoming elections for more development and jobs.

The MP, Hon. Kobby Woyome, thanked all those who joined the walk, ‘’you have all done well, because our program today, we have not announced it proper, we just want to use it as a test to see if we are resilient for the party’’

The MP stated that, the health walk will continue every Saturday till 7th December, 2020.

 ‘’Vume, Kpotame, Tefle, Sokpoe, Sogakope our executives and everyone who took part in the health walk have done well’’ God bless you all. 

The MP made it known that, the constituency will launch its campaign on Sunday 25th October,2020 at Comboni auditorium in Sogakope at 2:00pm.

He disclosed that, the constituency will project on screen to the good people of the constituency all the good works of the NDC for all too see.

‘’After showing the good works of the NDC, we will continue to tell you the ones we will do when we come to power in January 2021’’.  Hon. Woyome calls on the constituents, not to be deceived by anyone, because we are in the era of deceptions. So, ‘’whenever you hear something, come to me to verify if it is true’’ 

Source: emerginonline.com