Franklin Cudjoe

Attempts to cut MTN’s ‘monopoly absurd’ – Franklin Cudjoe


IMANI boss Franklin Cudjoe has described as absurd plans by the Communications Ministry to cut the ‘monopoly’ of MTN in the communications industry.

According to him, the move is akin to being penalised for being too good in class.

A statement by the government and signed by the sector Minister, Ursula Owusu–Ekulful, stated the growing dominance of MTN has impacted negatively on competition and consumer choice, necessitating corrective action.

“Industry Statistics released from the Statistical Bulletin – Quarter 4, 2019 of the National Communications Authority (NCA) indicate that MTN has almost 75% of telecommunications market share. A review of these reports have shown that this has been the trend over a three (3) year period.

“This trend has continued into the first quarter of 2020 as well. These statistics while impressive and showing growth within the telecommunications and financial sectors clearly shows an uncompetitive and unprofitable environment for less dominant players in these industries.”

Commenting on the development, Mr Cudjoe wrote of Facebook that the gesture is part of a personal score being settled with the telecom company.

“I have been wondering why some people have a penchant for glorifying the destruction of successful businesses that are in good standing. Reference the sudden directive issued by the Communication Ministry on a Sunday, calling for the breaking up of MTN’s market dominance based on unexamined and economically fallacious claim. I then remembered that some people just do not value enterprise and innovation. Quite absurd to be told that you are too successful because of the inability of your competitors. It is like being penalised in class for coming up tops and your best marks arbitrarily reduced and shared among your peers when you all had access to the same teachers and books. MTN is one of the top 5 largest revenue contributors to the state. It has shareholders, most of whom are Ghanaian. Finally MTN’s services are impacting businesses and lives.

“Make no mistake- the underlying reasons for this illogical policy is to settle personal scores- over the CST matter and refusal of MTN to hand consumer private records to the state.

“Make no further mistake- this is also a debate between unprogressive leftists and unrepentant believers in the fidelity of hard work and success, which undergirds MTN’s story”.

Source: Starr FM